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Employment Assistance

We help you in finding employment according to your capacity on board of a good vessel of international fleet.

Contact our office for a candidate registration and for initial interview. To choose a suitable vacancy for you we need a short introduction into your experience and your job preferences. For your convenience we also make a preregistration by e-mail. Please fill out a simple form in Russian.


If we have a suitable vacancy for you, we will request you to fill in the Application for Employment form in English which can be downloaded from our site.

The filled Application of Employment form can be sent to us via e-mail. We will invite you to our office at your convenient time for an interview and assist to prepare the Application form in case of need.


An applicant should have the following documents for the interview:

  • Travel passport,
  • Diploma or certificate of competency,
  • All needed certificates according to the Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers,
  • Medical certificate.
  • Extra qualifications (welder, electrician, crane driver) can increase your chances for employment.


If your application is approved by the shipping company we immediately inform you on the details of signing the contract and your embarkation.

Your Employment Is In Good Hands!

Our Company has a               of the Russian Government Agency the Federal Migration Service for employing Russian citizens abroad.

In the set of documents you will receive our official letter for traveling to the vessel and crew list according to your employment contract.

For quicker passing border control while crossing state borders we give every seafarer a letter in English. Our 24hr phone number is stated there in case of emergency.

We keep direct contact with the shipping companies and support seafarers during the entire period of employment.  At the end of the contract we look forward to seeing you at our office for information on working conditions on board. It is important for us to receive your comments, evaluate the quality of offered jobs and suggestions for planning employment in the future.



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