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We offer crewing service and ship manning with qualified and experienced seamen who used our company in Kaliningrad for their employment arrangements for years and young specialists, ship navigators and marine engineers, completed their professional study and trainings in the maritime educational centers of Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg and who are in the very beginning of their career.


At our office we will carry out recruitment, inform and prepare seamen for the contract onboard by instructing and familiarization with the working terms and conditions at your vessel, mandatory rules and important safety requirements established at your company, and in compliance with the international maritime conventions and your ship flag state Administration requirements.

Our company has developed and uses the system of crewing procedures as a single and complete process of recruitment and placement of seafarers for working onboard of foreign shipping companies in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC-2006).


Our Company is a certified organization according to the requirements of Standard A 1.4 of MLC-2006.

                           of Compliance is issued by the classification society Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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